Installation Guide for Solaris Cluster 3.2 Software and Oracle 10g Release 2 Real Application Clusters

Posted by : Dr. Root | 29 June, 2007 | Published in

Sun has published a very nice, detailed, step-by-step guide for installing the Solaris 10 11/06 Operating System, Solaris Cluster 3.2 software, the QFS 4.5 cluster file system and Oracle 10g Release 2 RAC.

This document also provides detailed instructions on how to configure QFS and Solaris Volume Manager so they can be used with Oracle 10g R2 RAC.

The installation procedures can be used for SPARC or x64 platforms, for installations with up to eight nodes using IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) or Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) for the private interconnect and with any level of I/O redundancy.

After you complete the procedures, you can use any combination of raw devices, Solaris Volume Manager, Automatic Storage Manager (ASM), or QFS cluster file systems to store data files.

A must-have!

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