Motion effects in JavaFX and JQuery... How difficult is it?

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Just stumbled across Peter Karich's blog entry about motion effects in JavaFX. The result is very impressive and you can have a look at the code to replicate and adapt it to your needs:

"Shadow Motion" effect in JavaFX by Peter Karich:

But Peter's description was actually a reply to Lam Nguyen's own blog entry about creating motion effects with simply 5 lines of JQuery. Again, the code is explained and available for you to play with.

"Shadow Motion" effect in JQuery by Lam Nguyen:

Have a look - my guess is that both blog entries will get your creative juices flowing! :-)

Did you know you could monitor OpenSolaris from your iPod Touch?

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Did you know you could perform some basic monitoring of OpenSolaris from your iPod Touch? Pretty cool...

Check out Karim Berrah's blog entry for the full details:

Watch the slidecast for #GlassFish Roadmap in English, French or Spanish...

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Last month, Oracle unveiled the roadmap for GlassFish to the community. From community changes to upcoming releases such as support for clustering and more in GlassFish 3.1 in 2010, find out more with the recently-released slidecast with synchronized audio, available in English, French and Spanish.




For an overview of the GlassFish Roadmap, go to:

Free #Solaris training available from the Oracle Open Learning Center

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The Oracle Open Learning Center is offering free Solaris 10 training ranging from beginner to intermediate. The lessons are well-presented and interactive (Flash animations), and there's a short quizz at the end of each lesson to check out your newly-acquired skills.

Overall, it's a good complement to any training you might attend in parallel and it's also a good refresher course if you're considering Sun certification.

Topics for the intermediate training include:
  • Booting SPARC and x86 Based Systems
  • Controlling System Processes
  • Create and Manage Users
  • Installing Solaris 10
  • Manage Local Devices
  • Manage UFS File Systems
  • Managing Software Packages Using Package Commands
  • Managing Solaris Patches Using Patch Commands
  • Managing User Access
  • Performing File System Backups
  • Performing Mounts and Unmounts
  • Printer Services
  • Safely Shutting Down a Solaris System
  • System Restores
  • Working with UFS and ZFS Snapshots
Visit the Solaris Online Learning Center:

Learn to add a second mobile phone emulator in #NetBeans

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When you're trying to add a second emulator in Netbeans, you usually get an error saying “Midlet suite already running”. In his blog, Kyle Goslin shows you how you can bypass this problem and add a second mobile phone emulator to the NetBeans IDE.

Check out Kyle Goslin's blog to find out more :

Learn to build a #Twitter client using #Java and #NetBeans

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If you'd like to find out how you can build a Twitter client using Java and the NetBeans IDE, check out the excellent tutorial series from Alfonso Romero at Packt Publishing. It's a comprehensive, step-by-step, three-part tutorial (with loads of screenshots to guide you through it) that will teach you to create a custom Twitter client, from which you will be able to log into Twitter and see the last tweet posted by you.

A must-have for all Twitter technology afficionados!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Tell us which #virtualisation topics you 'd like to see covered at the Oracle + Intel show in Dublin on 13/05

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The Oracle + Intel virtualisation show is coming to Dublin on 13th May...

To view the agenda and to register, go to:

If there are any vitualisation/cloud computing topics you'd like to see covered on the day, simply email us at or use the comment box below.

We'll do the rest and liaise with the team at Oracle UK.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Two new #training courses if you're a #sysadmin in charge of Sun enterprise systems and based in Dublin, Ireland

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Quick post to let you know we're running two new training courses in Dublin, Ireland:

ES-260: Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup 7.x Administration
This course replaces "ES-210: Storage Management with Backup". If you're a sysadmin in charge of Sun StorEdge EBS, you will find the content of this course useful.

Topics covered over this 4-day course:
  • Sun StorEdge EBS Overview
  • Installing Sun StorEdge EBS
  • Understanding Sun StorEdge EBS Resources and Administrative Interfaces
  • Performing Backups
  • Customising Backups
  • Configuring and Managing Standalone Devices
  • Configuring and Managing Autochangers
  • Managing Sun StorEdge EBS Databases, Save Sets, and Volumes
  • Administering the Sun StorEdge EBS Server
  • Recovering Client Data
  • Recovering a Sun StorEdge EBS Server
Find out more at

ES-345: Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration
This course is actually an update to "ES-338: Sun Cluster 3.1 Administration". You will gain the skills needed to install and administer Sun Cluster 3.2 hardware and software systems. You will be introduced to Sun Cluster hardware and software product features, hardware configuration and software installation along with cluster configuration, data service configuration and system operation.

Topics covered over this 5-day course:
  • Introducing Sun Cluster Hardware and Software
  • Exploring Node Console Connectivity and the Cluster Console Software
  • Preparing for Installation and Understanding Quorum Devices
  • Installing and Configuring the Sun Cluster Software Framework
  • Performing Basic Cluster Administration
  • Using VERITAS Volume Manager for Volume Management
  • Managing Volumes With Solaris Volume Manager (Solstice DiskSuite Software)
  • Using ZFS with Sun Cluster software
  • Managing the Public Network With IPMP
  • Introducing Data Services, Resource Groups, and HA-NFS
  • Configuring Scalable Services and Advanced Resource Group Relationships
  • Performing Supplemental Exercises for Sun Cluster 3.2 Software
Find out more at

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