Java EE 6 + GlassFish v3 Virtual Conference on 15/12/09

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Sun is organising an all-day virtual conference on Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3, scheduled for 15th December.

Check out the detailed agenda for a list of topics covered on the day (very comprehensive agenda):

You can pre-register at:

Top 10 NetBeans API - Screencast for Newbies

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If you're a complete newbie to NetBeans with absolutely no prior knowledge of the NetBeans platform, check out the screencasts series on to quickly learn about the Top 10 NetBeans APIs, why you would use them and how to get started doing so.

Big thanks to Geertjan Wielenga for creating this series!

Watch them at:

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Why is fedora-ds on linux machine taking 100% of cpu utilization when I am running any search query on ldap server?

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Many thanks, Shankar for your question. The answer is:

Un-indexed Searches on Directory Server cause performance degradation unfortunately.

Whenever you see the ‘notes=U’ message on a ‘RESULT’ line in an LDAP query, it means one or more of your search filters are on un-indexed attributes.

To solve this problem, find the ‘SRCH’ line that corresponds to the ‘RESULT’ line (by matching the ‘conn=’ and ‘op=’ numbers on each), and find the attributes mentioned as part of the search ‘filter’ (the part after the ‘filter=’ on the SRCH line).

If any of these attributes are not indexed in the Directory Server, create an index for them.

Searches will be much faster then, and will not take up 100% of CPU.


[25/Sep/2009:14:21:21 -0400] conn=672 op=14 SORT uid (1)
[25/Sep/2009:14:21:22 -0400] conn=672 op=14 RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=1
[25/Sep/2009:14:21:24 -0400] conn=647 op=50 RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=7 notes=U
[25/Sep/2009:14:21:24 -0400] conn=650 op=37 RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1 etime=7 notes=U
[25/Sep/2009:14:21:25 -0400] conn=647 op=51 SRCH base="dc=answerthink,dc=com" scope=2 filter="(&(objectClass=portalInetOrgPerson)(&(" attrs="portalCreatedDate objectClass mobile c dn givenName address2 employer portalUID homePhone gender ou employeeNumber telephoneNumber businessCategory street uid postalCode mail l preferredLanguage sn cn facsimileTelephoneNumber domain middleName timeZone uniqueId dob st"

Good luck!

Dr. Root

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"Ask Dr Root" -- runner-up for Sun's SysAdmin of The Year!

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I recently received great news from the team at announcing that Dr Root was one of the nine runners-up for Sun's SysAdmin of The Year.

Wow! Thank you very much everyone for voting for Dr Root. I'm glad you're finding this blog helpful. Keep your Sun/Solaris questions coming! :-)

I'd like to congratulate Dan Wright, this year's SysAdmin of The Year, the other runners-up for the title, as well as everybody who entered the competition.

Developing 3-D Games with the NetBeans IDE and jME 2.0

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If you're interested in the development of Java 3D games, check out for an interesting tutorial on how to set up the NetBeans IDE to start creating Java 3D games with the jMonkeyEngine framework (jME 2.0).

Everything has to be coded by hand with jME. There's no drag n' drop, but if you watch the enclosed video, you'll see you can do some pretty cool stuff with it. Definitely worth a look!

Check out the video:

Epicenter 2009: Complimentary tickets for grabs!

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We've got some complimentary tickets for epicenter 2009 - the technology show for all things Java, Open Source, Web, Microsoft, in Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) until Friday 28th August, 2009 (included)!

To make sure you get yours, email us your contact details at with "EPICENTER Ticket" in the subject line!

It's on a first come, first served basis!

We're demo-ing Sun's Virtual Desktop Solutions at epicenter 2009

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Join us next week at the epicenter software show next week in Trinity College Dublin (26-27-28 August). We'll be demo-ing Sun's virtual desktop solution and show you how it's easy to deliver secure applications for virtually any operating system through one client device, at the same time.

Our sessions on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th August @ 1.30pm are FREE to all conference delegates and exhibition visitors.

Don't hesitate to drop by and have a chat with us!

For more information on epicenter 2009, go to

Interoperability resources for sysadmins

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Sun has recently updated and rebuilt its interoperability resources for system administrators. Sun's interoperability website provides details on vendor alliances and interoperability for Sun x64 systems, for the client and desktop, in the data centre, for developers and in storage.

In short, it's handy to have it bookmarked :-)

SysAdmin of the Year Awards 2009 - Win up to £250 worth of Amazon vouchers

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To coincide with the 10th Annual SysAdmin Day on 31st July 2009, Sun is launching the SysAdmin of the Year Awards. It's just for System Heroes and Sun has got ten prizes to give away – a first prize of £250 of Amazon vouchers and nine runners-up prizes of vouchers worth £100.

It's really simple. To enter the Awards, simply register as a System Hero first and Sun will send you a link to forward to your users. They click on the link and follow the instructions to send you a virtual present (doughnuts, pizza, a day off etc). At the end of August, Sun counts the number of presents you've got and whoever has the most wins!

If you like this blog, why not give us a virtual doughnut, a slice of pizza or a cup of coffee? ;-)

Anthony Swart confirmed for epicenter event in Dublin next 26-27-28th August

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Anthony Swart will be at the epicenter 2009 technology conference next August to talk about Sun's Identity Management products and their relevance to developer communities.

Anthony is a Pre-Sales Consultant at Sun Microsystems, currently working in the Identity space working -- Sun's current portfolio of products include OpenSSO, Identity Manager and OpenDS to mention a few. His current role includes presenting Sun's product portfolio to a range of customers and creating product demonstrations utilising Java and associated product API's to integrate a variety of Sun and third party products.

Anthony's tech session at epicenter 2009 will give you an overview of Sun's Identity Management portfolio, including single sign-on with OpenSSO, directory repositories in the way of OpenDS and provisioning with Identity Manager.

Anthony will also cover Sun's packaging streams, notably the Open Source and Enterprise versions. A technical demonstration will be given on a number of the Identity products to show you the features and potential uses of the products.

Along with the benefits of using Open Source software, the session will cover other potential areas where developers can benefit from Sun's portfolio of products, including utilising the products as a base for other end-user products and the potential for developers to contribute to add-ons to some of the products.

Save the dates! The epicenter conference is taking place in Trinity College Dublin on 26-27-28th August. For more information on the upcoming epicenter software and technology event, go to:


Simon Cook confirmed for epicenter event in Dublin on 26-27-28th August

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If you're in Dublin, Ireland, between 26th and 28th August 2009, don't miss epicenter 2009 -- the all-inclusive software and technology event organised by our friends at

epicenter is a culmination of the Irish Web, Open Sources, Database, Microsoft and Java Technologies conferences that have taken place since 2006. has a lot in store for us for this very first epicenter show. So save the dates!

We can confirm that Simon Cook, Lead Finance Software Architect at Sun Microsystems UK, will be at the event to talk about the current releases of Java and JavaFX, as well as some the features arriving in the next versions of these platforms. Simon will also cover Glassfish and related projects.

For more information on the upcoming epicenter software and technology event, go to:


12 New Solaris Training Modules at the Sun Open Learning Center

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Check out the 12 new advanced level Solaris training modules now available at the Sun Open Learning Center - they're free!

The new modules cover backups, restores, UFS and the ZFS file system.

how do you force a crash dump in a LDOM, like Stop-A/sync but for an LDOM?

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Many thanks for your question, Pete.

To force a crash dump in a LDOM, try the following command:

/opt/SUNWldm/bin/ldm panic ldom-name

Deploying Oracle Databases using NFS on the S7000 series

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Sun has published an in-depth, step-by-step guide to deploying Oracle Databases using NFS on the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems. The S7000s offer an easy interface to deploy user applications on NFS share. Users can monitor their I/O and network activities using the analytics function on the S7000s to identify bottlenecks. This new resource from Sun will guide you through the process of configuring your S7000 system, configuring your Oracle Database Server on both Solaris and Red Hat and configuring the Oracle 11g using NFS.

You can download it from at:

Resources for Solaris on IBM, HP and Dell servers

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Are you running Solaris or OpenSolaris on IBM, HP or Dell systems?

Sun has pooled the available resources for your platform into a series of microsites - check them out:

Resources for the Solaris OS on IBM servers

Resources for the Solaris OS on HP servers

Resources for the Solaris OS on Dell servers

Jumpstart Solaris 10 with ZFS boot disk

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I received a great question this week from Pradeep:

I have jumpstart server for instaling Solaris 8, 9 and 10 and I need to boot solaris 10 with ZFS. Please help me to create zfs jumpstart profile for booting with ZFS.

Great question and one which I'm coming across a lot - the good news is that this is indeed possible and in fact very easily achieved.

You can create a JumpStart profile to install a ZFS root file system or a UFS root file system. If the profile is set up to install a UFS root file system, all existing profile keywords work as in previous Solaris releases.

A ZFS specific profile must contain the new pool keyword. The pool keyword installs a new root pool and a new boot environment is created by default. You can provide the name of the boot environment and can create a separate /var dataset with the bootenv installbe keywords and bename and dataset options.

To read more about the steps involved visit Sun's online documentation for Solaris ZFS Administration.

Thanks for Pradeep for asking this great question - keep them coming!

Dr. Root.
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