Q. Is there a list of applications that are compatible with Solaris 10?

Posted by : Dr. Root | 26 January, 2007 | Published in

Sun is maintaining a list of Solaris Ready applications and solutions on sun.com -- did you know there are over 4,300 applications that run on Solaris 10?

Solaris Ready applications (SPARC)
: 3681 Apps
Solaris Ready applications (x86) : 2302 Apps

Free DVD Software Kit (Solaris 10 and Developer Tools)!

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Download times can be a pain... But Yours Faithfully has located a very cool freebie for you all today... For a limited time, Sun is offering a free DVD software kit which includes the following:
So have a look, fill in the form and enjoy these great products:

Dr. Root

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Hands-On Java EE 5: Ajax Functionality...

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If anyone is looking for information on how to implement AJAX functionality in legacy Web applications, have a look at the recently published articles on the subject on java.sun.com:


The tutorials are the first in the series and I must say they're well written and include screenshots.

Definitely worth a look.

Java SE 6: Got a programming question?

Posted by : Dr. Root | 18 January, 2007 | Published in

Got a programming question?

Well, you could talk to other programmers, read the Java SE 6 documentation, access user groups, search the web, browse forums, read blogs, rss feeds, read the documentation again *ouch!*

Or..... until Wednesday 14th February... you could let Sun Engineers find the answer for you -- within 24 hours.

If that sounds good, just go to the following URL on sun.com and get others to work for you! :-)

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