SOA / IDM & Desktop Virtualisation - Morning Seminars, 4-5-6 December, Dublin

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Sun is holding a number of half-day (morning) seminars in Dublin on 4-5-6 December.

4th December: SOA Simplified (Live Demo)
This half-day seminar aims to demonstrate why SOA has quickly made the move from novel concept to priority at enterprises of all types and sizes, worldwide. There will be a live demonstration of simplified SOA solutions and the presentation will help you understand the critical steps in planning your SOA deployment and the core technologies that will deliver true business integration.

5th December: Identity Management Provision (Live Demo)
Attend this morning session if you'd like to see a live demonstration of Sun Identity Management Suite and learn how to deliver secure, identity and access management solutions to transform your organisation.

6th December: Desktop Virtualisation (Live Demo)
At this morning session, you'll see a live demonstration of the Sun Ray and Secure Global Desktop technologies. In addition, through real world examples, you will see how your existing IT desktop and applications can be delivered through a standards based infrastructure, that supports the needs of your organisation in a cost effective way.

If you'd like to register, go to

16th Irish OpenSolaris User Group Meeting

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Mark the date - 16th Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting:

Topic Image Packaging System (IPS)
Date Tuesday November 27th
Time 7:00pm onwards
Location DIT, Kevin Street, Dublin 2 (room KE: 1-008)

This month, Michal Pryc has kindly offered to give a talk on the Image Packaging System[1] - a new package management system for OpenSolaris that will ease the pain of package installation and upgrade.

The project is still in it's early stages, but you can try it out now by downloading and experimenting with Indiana[2]. Come along to the meeting to find out more!

Michal plans to give a quick outline of:

* IPS structure
* client/server side tools
* limitations
* portability

As well as a GUI tool he's been working on.

For more information on this event, simply go to:


Open Source resources for System Administrators

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Sun has created an sys admin-related Open Source resource section on its website, for all the the open-source projects Sun is contributing to -- e.g. OpenSolaris, OpenSPARC, Netbeans, OpenOffice.

[ Open Source Resources for System Administrators ]

How to install multiple versions of the Solaris OS on the same disk...

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If you're interested in learning to install multiple versions of Solaris on the same disk (x86 and SPARC), check out William Xue's comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on In his tutorial, he describes the steps to install Solaris 9, Solaris 10 and Solaris Developer Express Edition on the same disk. The document covers SPARC and x86 systems.

[ View Tutorial ]

Prizes to win at the Irish Java Technology Conference

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If you've registered for the first Irish Java Technology Conference next week, you can win a private, champagne audience with Blogger Joel Spolsky at 30,000 feet above the Irish sea. Intrigued? Well, I've just learnt that Joel is presenting the IJTC keynote before heading to the UK. The organisers have chartered a flight for him and are now running a competition for IJTC delegates that register online. I'm not sure where the plane will let you off -- hopefully where you took off originally -- but I have to say it's quite an original prize. :-)

If you'd like to register for the conference, go to
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