Oracle #Solaris #Virtualization on TechCast Live (25th May @ 5pm GMT)

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Join the live, interactive TechCast about Oracle Solaris Virtualization later today. Guest Joost Pronk Van Hoogeveen, CTO at Oracle, will be discussing Solaris Virtualization offerings, benefits and much more!

TechCast Live - Oracle Solaris Virtualization: 25th May @ 5pm GMT (10am PDT):

(If you miss this event, the webcast will be available on demand later this week)

Video: How Oracle Solaris 10 helps manage file systems effectively with ZFS

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Very interesting video about how Oracle Solaris 10 helps manage file systems effectively with ZFS. It's presented by Brian Leonard at Oracle. After a short introduction to ZFS, Brian shows you how to use snapshots and clones.

OpenGrok 0.9 has just been released...

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OpenGrok 0.9 has just been released!

I fyou're wondering about OpenGrok... Well, it's a fast and easy-to-use source code search and cross reference engine. It helps you search, cross-reference and navigate your source tree. It can understand various program file formats and version control histories like Mercurial, Git, SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Teamware, ClearCase, Perforce, Monotone and Bazaar.

In other words it lets you grok (profoundly understand) the open source, hence the name OpenGrok. It is written in Java.

To find out more about OpenGrok, go to:

Source and binary distributions for v0.9 can be found here:

Alligator meets Terminator: Caiman and AI for #OpenSolaris

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We're all familiar with the traditional interactive installation methods, but there are other installation techniques for OpenSolaris, such as Caiman and AI (Automated Installer).

Volker A. Brandt, an IT consultant specialising in Solaris system and infrastructure development based in Germany, goes through the pros and cons of both techniques, their key benefits and differences in his presentation on

In a nutshell, Caiman is an interactive, simple-to-use, streamlined graphical installer for OpenSolaris on x86 systems. The installer is actually a Gnome/GTK application running from a live CD-ROM. One of the good things about Caiman is that it integrates a live CD experience, i.e you can run the desktop off the CD and get the rest from an IPS repository. It's a nice "try before you install" capability.

Automated Installer, or AI, essentially performs “hands-free” network installations of OpenSolaris. AI lets you install OpenSolaris onto x86 systems or SPARC systems in a network. The installations can differ in architecture, packages installed, disk capacity and other parameters. The minimal configuration necessary to use the automated installer is to have one system as the install server and one client on which to install.

If you're interested to learn more about Caiman and AI for OpenSolaris, watch Volker A. Brandt's excellent presentation on

There's still time to register for the Oracle + Intel #Virtualisation Road Show coming to Dublin next week...

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There's still time to register for next week's Oracle + Intel Road Show in Dublin. The event has been a big success across Europe so far - the recent London date was sold out with 150 attendees.

The Dublin event though, as it's hosted at Intel, will be ending with a tour of their chip manufacturing plant, unless you prefer to chill out with a drink and do some networking instead.

One last thing if you're in planning to attend, don't forget you can still submit discussion topics to the existing agenda.

Here are the details of the show again:

From Virtualisation To Cloud Computing: Beyond The Buzzwords

Time: 12noon - 6pm
Date: Thursday 13th May, 2010
Venue: Intel Ireland, Collinstown Industrial Park, Leixlip, Co. Kildare


Virtualisation and Cloud Computing are the hottest topics in IT for a good reason: they can deliver increased business potential and large cost savings. Although the promise of success is huge, so is the chance of failure. The main reason: with so many variables it is very hard to find the optimal model for your specific business situation.

Oracle and Intel invite you to see how you can eliminate the risk and guesswork and remove the challenges of getting it all to work properly for your organisation.

12.00 − 13.00 Arrival & Lunch

13.00 − 13.15 Welcome
Sun/Oracle Strategy and Vision

13.15 − 13.45 Oracle Virtualization
Virtualization as the enabler for Cloud Computing. How your virtualization choices determine your future Cloud Strategy.

13.45 − 14.15 Cloud Computing Strategy
Virtualization impact on PaaS (Platform as a Service).

14.15 − 15.15 Intel Cloud Computing vision
Xeon Design advantages for virtualization. Enabling next generation performance, scaling, security for Virtualization projects

15.15 − 15.45 Break

15.45 − 16.05
Integrated Management environment
Reduce cost & complexity by managing from one unified interface

16.05 − 16.25 Operating System Virtualization
Take maximum advantage of Oracle Solaris built-in virtualization technologies.

16.25 − 17.00 Best-Of-Breed Virtualization Components
x86 Servers, Intel Xeon Architecture, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Open Storage

17.00 − 18.00 Optional: Intel Fab Tour
Take the tour and see the chip manufacturng plant
17.00 − 18.00 Drinks & Networking

(This event is free)


For more European dates, check out

See you there perhaps?
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