Podcast: Open Sourced Solaris Cluster

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You may be aware that Sun has released the Solaris Cluster source code through the HA Clusters community on the OpenSolaris site. Solaris Cluster is a multi-system, multi-site disaster recovery solution that manages the availability of applications services and data across local, regional and vastly dispersed datacentres.

Sun has recorded a podcast on the the open sourcing of Solaris Cluster and how multiple parties within the ecosystem will benefit. Highlights include:
  • The seeding of open source from the Solaris Cluster product, namely Open High-Availability Cluster, and binary distribution of Solaris Cluster that runs on open Solaris.
  • A three-phased approach starting with agents, followed by the geographic edition (disaster recovery), and then finally, the core infrastructure.
  • How open sourcing of Solaris Cluster addresses a need in the system administrator development community.
  • How an open-source set of tools can stimulate better conversations between application developers and deployers about making products do what they should, when they should.
  • The release of the testing infrastructure to ensure that what has been developed actually works.
  • Details of the open license.
[Source: Innovating@Sun]

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